5 Activities that are PERFECT for Spring

Spring has officially sprung everyone! We can finally go outside again. We've definitely been enjoying the sunshine out here in Melbourne. We've been seeing photos of so many of our creative community enjoying their creative boxes outdoors! This inspired us to make a list of amazing activities to do outside!  

1.  Plant some herbs in your garden

Spring is the perfect time for little ones to learn all about where food comes from and how it grows. Our Garden box includes a play garden kit for any of you without garden space but for anyone with a backyard, balcony or courtyard spring is a great time to plant herbs. 

Some great herbs to plant in spring include:  Parsley, Sweet basil, Dill, Mint, Marjoram, Coriander, Catnip and Thyme. 

You also still have time to plant daffodils! (But watch out where you plant them - best to plant them in a pot or you'll never be able to get rid of them from your garden) 

2. Make Rose Petal Paint

This activity is the absolute best for a sensory spring activity it checks all the boxes: getting the kids outdoors, scientific learning and creativity!

1. Collect the brightest coloured flowers in your garden (roses work a treat). 

2. Pop your petals in a food processor with two tablespoons of water. 

3. When it is nicely blended pour the mixture into a seive and pour through boiling water. 

4. Voila! The boiled water will be coloured (like a tea) a perfect water paint! 

Check out more on how to from premeditated leftover's blog post. 

3. Birds Nest Small World

Create a small world birds nest from a basket, shredded paper, play dough eggs and birds. This activity is great for sensory play as well as creating a scene for your little one to use their imagination. Read more from craftulate. 

4. Q tip Lady Birds

This is such a good excersize for fine motor skills. Q tips are so narrow for little hands and will get your little ones concentrating. 

5. Toilet Roll Flower Stampers

These flower stampers made from toilet rolls from Gingerbread house are such a great way to get your little ones creating! And as an added bonus it re purposes something that would otherwise be thrown away! 

Of Course our Number 1 outdoor activity will always be our garden boxes! 

They each come with 6 activities each perfect to get your little ones exploring outdoors. 

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