So we are half way through the school holidays! What better way to see in week two of the school holidays than getting involved in a school holiday challenge! So what do you have to do to be involved in the challenge? We are giving you all FIVE creative ideas to get you and your child exploring, learning and creating while connecting and making special memories together! These activities are simple to prepare and you will most likely have all of the materials needed at home! You need to complete one of the five activities below and share your creation with us by tagging us in your Instagram post using the @my_creative_box and using @mycreativebox on Facebook . The more activities you complete and post, the more chances you have to win our challenge! Don't forget to tag in anyone else you think might enjoy winning a My Creative Box! We want to see all of you get involved and creating! Best of all we have an incentive! For every activity you complete and tag us in, you have a higher chance to win your choice of one of our October Creative Boxes, sent to you free of charge! 

Day 1- Shaving Cream Marble Painting

This has to be one of our favourite activities in our house! Shaving cream is a great art medium and offers children a different texture to work with when creating! The process of watching patterns and swirls form during this activity as well as seeing colour formations makes it magical! Click HERE to see The Artful Parent's instructions on completing this activity!

Day 2- Homemade Puff Paint

You will probably have everything to make this non toxic homemade puff paint at home! Not only will you and your child enjoy the process of making it together, your child will also build fine motor skill strength building muscles in their hands and fingers to squeeze the paint out of a zip lock bag or an old sauce or squeeze bottle! What colours will you make? What will you create with them? Click HERE to find out the recipe to make this Homemade Puff Paint from the Teaching Mama!

Day 3- Marble Run Box Craft

We love recycling and love seeing our My Creative Boxes being reused for wonderful ideas! Why not create your very own Marble Run using a cardboard box? If you can't find a marble you could use something else that will roll like a pom pom or small ball! This will get your child thinking like a Scientist and learning all about gravity while being creative! Click HERE to see Red Ted Art's instructions on how to make your very own Marble Run!

Day 4- Salt Dough Creations

Kids love playing with dough! It is a great tactile experience for children offering an enriched sensory experience as they squish, twist, flatten and shape it! This recipe is super easy and your child will love helping you make it! The best part of all is that with this dough you can actually cook it and when it is cool and hardened, your child can paint their very own creations that will last forever! Click HERE to get Kidspot's Salt Play Dough Recipe! 

Day 5- Dot to Dot Art Painting 

This is a great painting art activity for children! If your child loves dot to dot drawing, try it with paint! The idea is that you create a frame using tape and then add different drops of paint within the frame. Children will  need to try and colour their surface in colour by joining the dots, but no colours can mix! It is challenging and sure to keep your little artist busy! Check out The Artful Parents steps to this awesome activity HERE!

We can't wait to see all of your wonderful creations! We will draw a lucky winner to this 5 Day School Holiday Challenge on Sunday the 8th October at 8pm AEST. This challenge prize is only open to Australian residents.

Good Luck and enjoy the rest of your school holidays!

Leanne and Abby


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