5 Mum Tips to Keep it Together

Lisa Boyce 
Founder The She Rebellion


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps struggling from a sense of fear, confusion and/or panic? 

As we move further into uncertainty whilst navigating feelings of fear and confusion, our ability to maintain an inner sense of calm is proving more and more challenging. Our primal survival mechanisms are triggered, with the fight, flight or freeze response taking priority. 

For some this can hinder the ability to have rational thought processes and it can also impact the ability to make rational decisions.

Firstly, I want you to know that these are very normal responses when faced with uncertainty and instability. Secondly, I want you to know that you are not alone. I acknowledge you, and I am here for you.

In the past few months I have seen so many women, mothers in particular, experience a sense of loss, feelings of guilt and an overwhelming belief of unworthiness and it is impacting their mental health. As someone who experiences daily challenges with anxiety and depression, as well as having experienced post-natal depression after having my children, I know first-hand the importance of maintaining a positive mental wellbeing.

With support from psychologists, and also from adopting daily mindfulness practises or mental check-in’s as I like to call them, I have been able to successfully navigate my mental illness.

The current social climate is calling for us to do more than ever before, so it is hugely important that we each use what mental check-in’s we can, to help us (put simply) keep our sh*t together.


Here are some simple and yet really effective ways to help you do just that:

1) Breathe - Breathing is such an easy and effective way to calm your mind and body. By shifting from automatic breathing to conscious breathing it can improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and reset your thinking. An example of doing this consciously is to breathe in slowly through your nose until your lungs are fully expanded. Hold for a count of three before slowly releasing the breath for a count of three.

2) Let it go - Releasing your emotions can bring on a sense of relief. Where possible, find a safe and comfortable space where you are able to let it all go. My tip is to cry if you feel the need and don't be afraid to show those you love that you are not OK.

3) Get creative - Thinking laterally is a fabulous technique for tripping up your thought processes. An example is to let your mind wander. For example, look outside and focus on one thing. Begin a story about where it came from, and where it is going. If your mind wanders to negative thoughts, simply acknowledge them and redirect your mind inwards and back onto your story.

4) Connect - When you are feeling stressed, it is so important to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Spend some time turning inwards and do a mental and emotional stock take. Look at what you need to bring lightness and ease into your day and create opportunities for this to happen.

5) Disconnect - It is easy to be directly or indirectly affected by what is happening around you. The transferring of negative energy, conflicting advice, and information overload can significantly impact your mental health. It is important to guard yourself against physical, spiritual and mental burnout by disconnecting from what might be working against you here. 

These techniques can be seen as a way to tap into your needs and assist you in reaching a state of mental health and wellbeing, however taking a holistic approach to your mental health and wellbeing, by seeking advice from medical and psychological support, is strongly advised.

Keep safe and well,

Xx, Lisa

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