My Creative Box Turns 5!!

We can't wait to celebrate with our Creative Community! 

It's hard to believe that 5 years ago My Creative Box went live with our first ever website! I honestly had no idea of what was to follow! 

In 2016 as a Teacher and Mum I was looking for fun and engaging things to do with my children to fill the time we spent together. I searched high and low for products that could help us share quality moments together and help my children have an expressive outlet and learn at the same time but had no luck. Most craft kits came with tiny instructions and a million pieces and were not enjoyable for me or my children. We searched Pinterest for ideas to create together but all the time and effort to plan, source materials and set up exhausted all of us. I knew lots of other parents must have been feeling the same and thought how can I not only help parents understand the benefits of hands-on learning and creativity but also empower them to be involved. So then came the idea of My Creative Box. A box that was filled with hands-on learning activities that came with a creative guide to help parents connect, interact and explore new ideas and concepts with their children while helping them build important skills at the same time- all while the children had fun! Everything conveniently packed into one box ready to get creative! Sounds good? but a little crazy thought my family! 

I am beyond humbled to have my products brought into so many families homes knowing that some children have grown up with a set time in their week where there is planned one-on-one time between parents and their children. This is by far the biggest reward to me. 

Thank you so much for being here and seeing our vision and purpose over the last five years. 

We are excited to hit this milestone and just want to thank each and every one of you for being here. We hope you can celebrate with us and either make a real cake with Chirpy or a Craft Cake with your Digital Birthday Craft Pack. We cannot wait to see our gorgeous little creatives. 

Big Love,

Leanne, My Creative Box Family and Chirpy xx

Digital Birthday Craft Pack

Have some fun with your FREE Digital Birthday Craft Pack with a Cupcake Craft to decorate for Chirpy as well as a party hat template to wear. We have also included a cupcake topper incase you'd like to make a real cupcake. 

We would love for you to send in your photos to us on Instagram and Facebook wearing your party hat with your Cupcake Craft or real cupcake for your chance to win a $100 voucher to spend at My Creative Box.

Click below to download your free birthday printable's now


Create your own Cupcake Craft by having an adult help cut out the decorations and sticking them on or colouring in or painting your own decorations. 

Fold up your own My Creative Box party hat to wear for the celebrations 

Attach the cup cake topper to a tooth pick or skewer to insert into a real cup cake for the celebrations. 

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