Tips to get CREATIVE at Storytime..

Story time is a great bonding experience for children and their parents while also offering a long list of developmental benefits for your child. Parents often have the assumption that books are only for bedtime but story time doesn't always need to be at night time especially for toddlers with a limited attention span who can find sitting, listening and concentrating extremely difficult when they are tired. 

Below are some helpful tips for families when they are trying to establish a story time routine....

- Choose a time of the day when your child is attentive and really enjoys some affection and one-on-one time with you

-Let your child choose the story they would like to read with you but make sure you have age appropriate books only to choose from. The key to this is finding books that are not too long for your child to lose interest in.

-For young children start with board books, lift the flap books, pop up books and touch and feel books. These books are great for younger children as they are very engaging and can keep their hands busy while they are listening. 

-Read slowly... Yes trying to read really fast to get through the whole story while your child is still will not work... Try to engage your child by asking them to pint out characters and objects in the book, name colours and shapes. 

-Ask your child lots of open-ended questions especially if your child is vocal, its a great way to encourage language comprehensions, new vocabulary and giving children confidence to express their thoughts and ideas.

-Use different tones of voice to keep your child excited and listening and make sound effects! Your little one will never think you are too silly and will think it's lots of fun!

- Lastly use toys and other story props to help build your child's attention span if they are not interested in flicking through the pages of a book yet. Sometimes when you sing the words it can also make the story seem a lot more interesting!

I hope some of these tips how you and your family establish a healthy story time routine in your home.  Below we have also included some fun hands on activities to ignite your child's imagination and creativity through story time..

Use Story Time Props

Story time props are a really fun way of getting your child to use their imagination and creativity! You can fill up a basket or box with random toys, puppets or soft toys and ask your child to make up a story using everything in the basket.

Story Dice Free Learning Printable for Preschoolers

We have made these cute little paper story dice for you to use as a fun creative activity for you and your child. They are best printed on card or thicker, more durable paper, simply print, fold the flaps and lines down and glue! Then take turns rolling the dice and continuing a story using the object or character it lands on. This is great to encourage children to take turns while also using their imagination and creativity! Click HERE to get your Story Dice!

Story Time Activities

Book based activities are a great way for children to reflect on the events of a story. Learning continues long after a book is closed. 

A great way to revisit the story you have read together is through art and craft activities, play and discussion.

Through book based learning activities children have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas while also learning important social and emotional skills. 

Children acquire lots of different skills through story telling. Stories help enhance children's vocabulary and understanding and this is a fabulous way to begin early literacy skills with your child, as they practice early reading comprehension through stories, creating and play. Story based activities also  help children learn planning and sequencing skills as they retell a story in the order of events. Research  also shows that when children are supported with story based activities, they find deeper meaning in the story and will be much more engaged forming a deeper understanding of the stories events. 

We have a wide variety of book based Creative Boxes available and also sell the books separately for your convenience. They are perfect to combine stories and creative, play based activities to keep your little one busy extending their early literacy development. 

Check out our latest Hungry Caterpillar Creative Box in action with Rafael from our creative community..

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