Chinese Fan Activity!

To celebrate Chinese New Year in 2017, we added a Chinese Dragon Craft to our January Creative Box! The extension for learning activity for it was to make a Chinese Fan to practise folding paper. We decorated our paper with lines using a ruler and then coloured them in with coloured markers. You could decorate your paper any way you like though, you might like to draw a picture on it instead.

This activity is great for teaching children about other cultures and diversity. Children are practising fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination when they are folding the paper. Children are also learning about symmetry, folding the same way and in line every time. Folding also encourages bilateral coordination (using both hands together) to follow steps in a sequence.


1 piece of A4 cardboard or paper

Coloured markers



1. Decorate your piece of paper with your coloured markers.

2. Fold your paper in a few centimetres width from one end and then flip your paper over and fold it again.

3. Continue this folding movement until you have folded all of the paper.

4. Hold the end of one side together and then fold and staple it to make a handle.

5. Now your fan is ready to use! 




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