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It’s that time again when we reach deep into the dress up box to find our scary outfits for Halloween. It does seem as though Halloween is becoming much more of a celebration for families, and don’t the kids just love it. The scarier the better! Some parents might be a bit wary of the fact that our kids are knocking on strangers doors and asking for lollies, but with a bit of preparation and consideration I don’t see why kids should miss out on all the fun. It is important that we teach our children social boundaries when it comes to interacting with strangers, and knowing the difference between when they feel safe or threatened.

So many more local communities are hosting trick or treating events for families. Neighbours are sending out notes and putting out balloons to indicate that they are happy and welcoming to scary little humans knocking on their door. This is a lovely way to let your children enjoy the excitement of Halloween without worrying about them roaming the streets, or knocking on strangers doors. It is also a wonderful opportunity for families to connect and engage in something fun they can all do together.

So, what are you waiting for? Raid the dress up box or check out your local Op shop. Message your neighbours to see if they are keen to participate in a neighbourhood trick or treat circuit for the kids, and check out what your local Council is offering.

I think sometime as modern day parents we can over think things, and when we stop to think about how our kids view Halloween, we can learn a lot from them.

Dress up in fun costumes. Connect with our neighbours and friends. Eat all the sweets and spend time with your family.

Sounds like a pretty awesome good time if you ask me!

6 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is write around the corner and if you're like us, we haven't got anything organised! The kids were nagging all afternoon about trick or treating, costumes and what we are going to decorate our house with and my head is about to explode!

Halloween wasn't something we celebrated until the last few years when one of our neighbours started a lovely tradition of putting a note in everyones letterbox with a balloon asking them to hang out the balloon if they wanted trick or treaters to visit them.

If you are like us and are looking for some last minute ideas to celebrate Halloween then look no further! We have collated some pretty cool ideas to help with costumes, treats and decorating the house!


Christmas is also just around the corner!

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