Are you looking for something creative to make the special man in your life for Fathers Day? Look no further as this will keep the kids busy while they make Dad a colourful masterpiece he can eat! We all know that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! 

What you will need is....

- Bread

- Milk

- Food dyes in five colours

- A clean paint brush

- Toaster



- Fill five shallow bowls 1/4 cup of milk. The best way of doing this is filling a small amount of milk in a cup and allowing your child to pour it into each bowl.

- Help your child add five drops of food dye in each bowl so you have five different colours and stir them.


- Use your clean paint brush to paint on your bread, cleaning your paint brush in between colour changes.


- When your masterpiece is finished, an adult can place it in the toaster to cook. Parents watch your children carefully around the toaster.

 - When the toast is finished you can pass it back to you child to spread butter on it.

- Then you can surprise Dad with breakfast in bed!

Enjoy Fathers Day!


Leanne and Abby


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