So, we have made it to the second week of the school holidays! You have survived! Well Done! As busy Mums, we know how hard it is to keep our kids occupied! We are going to give you some great ideas to keep your little ones busy over the next week without breaking the budget, as we all know how expensive kids activities can be especially over the holidays! It's funny as we all normally think we need to take our kids out to have fun and create special memories when the truth is some of the best childhood memories are at home and are the simplest!

Go Camping in your Backyard

Who needs to go camping when you can set up a tent and go camping in your own backyard?! This is such as great idea and the kids will absolutely love it! It will cost you nothing and the memories that will be made will be priceless!

Have a Treasure Hunt at Home

Kids love looking for treasure! With these great ideas, you will be able to create lots of fun while also helping your child learn cognitive skill processes using problem solving, trial and error and following directions. We just love this article which will even give you some fun clues to help your child search for their treasure!

Make your own Dress Up Box

Have fun dressing up and acting out different roles with your child. They will love having you play with them while you encourage them to use their imagination and take on different roles in play. 

Make some Play Dough 

Make some home made play dough in lots of different colours and let the kids go crazy with you cookies cutters, rollings pins and any other loose materials. Some great ideas are lids from jars, buttons, stones, match sticks and patty pans.

Make some Gingerbread People

Making gingerbread is such a fun activity to do as a family! The kids will love decorating these cute little people! Don't forget to read 'The Gingerbread Man' too! It is a great creative activity to do with your child in the kitchen!

Make your own Puppet Theatre

Puppets are so much fun to make and play with! They are also great for building children's creativity and imaginations! Children can make up their own stories and characters while they express themselves through different characters. Puppet shows are a great way to bond with your child and share some special quality moments together.

Make a DIY Bowling Alley

Have fun making your very own bowling alley in your hallway! These are so easy for children to help make and they will have a great time learning to take turns while they practise their gross motor development, counting and colours!

We hope you all enjoy the rest of the school holidays and enjoy spending lots of quality time with your loved ones! If you are looking for a hassle free way to spend quality bonding moments with your child, don't forget to have a look at our Creative Boxes! They are great value and come with everything you need, so there is no need to think about ideas or run around and source materials as we have done it all for you! You can look at our current products HERE!

Have fun CREATING!

Leanne and Abby



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