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Love is definitely in the air at the moment and celebrating Valentines Day is not only for adults. 

Relationships give children so much more than we think! Do you know that relationships greatly impact our children's learning and development?  Yes, research shows that children who form loving, secure and trusting relationships perform better academically, are able to manage their own emotions better, have less behavioural problems and have a strong mental health being better equipped to deal with stress in later life. Read more about relationships and child development


There are so many ways to help your child feel extra loved and you are probably doing these all already, but if you are looking for ways to boost your child's confidence and resilience as well as making them feel special then there are some great tips in this article to give us the daily reminders we need as busy parents, it's called 'special time' and I love that My Creative Box has given so many families the opportunity to share some special time together while exploring, learning and creating. Read more about 'special time' here and how it will boost your child's mental health

My Creative Box Valentines Day learning activities for kids

Free Valentines Day Printables 

We want you to have some fun and easy learning resources to use with your child this Valentines Day to help them feel super loved, valued and appreciated so we have added three FREE printables for you to enjoy together! 

1. Make connecting with your child a priority this Valentines Day with some cute Printable Love Cards which you can print and cut out letting your child choose a special card over the week! They will love these cards and the time they will create for you both to share some special one-on-one time together. 

2. Help build those fine motor skills with this great pre-writing activity Tracing Hearts Encourage your child to join the dots of the different sized hearts together. Talk about the shape, size and patterns of the different hearts and try to spot which ones are the same and which ones are different. Talk to your child about the movement their hands are making and remember to encourage them to hold their pencil correctly. Find out more about developing a pencil grip through The Royal Children's Hospital.


3. Make a card for someone you love with this I Love You Card All you need to do is print it out, make sure to preset your printer to double sided printing! Then your child can use some paint to stamp their finger prints in and around the heart on the front of the card. When it's all dry your child can trace the dotted letters and draw a picture of the person they love. So special! 

Our Little Learners also received some dried rose petals in their Garden Creative Box this month so these can also be used to make some gorgeous smelling  DIY Rose Petal Bath Bombs  to go along with the beautiful perfume you would have made! What a perfect way to help your child experience the satisfaction and fulfilment that gift giving gives especially when it is to someone you love and made full of LOVE! To make these with your child, please follow the instructions below. This is a great recipe as it doesn't include citric acid like most other bath bomb recipes do.

Rose Petal Bath Bombs

You will need:

- 2 cups of Bi-Carb Soda

- 1 cup of cream of tartar

- 1-2 tablespoons of oil

- Water in a spray bottle (included in Preschool  Water Science Creative Box)

- essential oil or essence (we used rose essence from Coles)

- food colouring (we used red from our Water Science Creative Box)

- dried rose petals from our Garden Creative Box

-Silicon ice cube tray in a bigger shape or you can use a silicon muffin tray


1. Mix your Bi-Carb Soda, cream of tartar, oil, essential oil, rose petals and food colouring until you have a colour you are happy with. You don't need too much food colouring as your mixture should still look powdery. We only use a few drops.

2.  Spray your powder mixture with some water about 4-6 sprays and less for a bigger spray bottle. It will start to sizzle as the Bi-Carb Soda reacts with the water. 

3. mix until your mixture starts to hold together better like wet sand. But start mixing it and it will feel a little more “solid”, a bit like wet sand.  If your mixture is not holding together well, add a few more sprays of water.

4. Press your mixture into your silicon moulds and let it dry for 1-2 days. Then gently push them out.

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