Today is Halloween and if you're like us, we haven't got anything organised! The kids were nagging all afternoon about trick or treating, costumes and what we are going to decorate our house with and my head is about to explode!

Halloween wasn't something we celebrated until the last few years when one of our neighbours started a lovely tradition of putting a note in everyones letterbox with a balloon asking them to hang out the balloon if they wanted trick or treaters to visit them.

I was a bit apprehensive at first thinking about all the things I had taught my children, not accepting things from strangers, not talking to strangers, not eating lollies and the list goes on...........After participating in this neighbourhood tradition though, I have seen how much joy this one day in the year brings to the kids dressing up, decorating the house and most of all mingling with their neighbours!

Young children can get very confused at Halloween time especially when they are just starting to learn and distinguish real from make believe so its really important to get your child prepared! It is also really important to make sure your explanation of Halloween is age/stage appropriate to ensure your child feels happy and safe. You can read Psychology Today's short article about 'Tips to Ease Your Child's Halloween Fears' by Stephanie A. Sarkis Ph.D. 

If you are like us and are looking for some last minute ideas to celebrate Halloween then look no further! We have collated some pretty cool ideas to help with costumes, treats and decorating the house!

5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Cardboard Emoji Costume 


We all use emoji's these days to express what we are doing and how we are feeling! This would be an easy last minute project to get the kids busy creating their own Halloween costume with cardboard, paints and other craft materials.

2. Flower Pot Costume

This costume is super cute and could be made so easily using some things you probably already have around the house.


3. DIY Spider and Spider Web

This spider and spider web costumes are not only gorgeous, they are easy to make and won't break the budget. 


4. Duct Tape Skeleton Costume

This is a super fun last minute Halloween costume idea for kids! All you need is some black clothes and some white duct tape! 


5. Mummies

This costume is so easy to make using old white bedsheets and some safety pins!


5 Last minute Halloween Treats!

Click on the links below to make some yummy treats with your little ones to give out to your trick or treaters!

1. Spider Donuts


2. Halloween Candy Bark


3. Rice Krispie Witch Hats


4. Easy Pop Corn Balls


5. Halloween Sugar Cookies


 We hope you have a FUN and CREATIVE Halloween creating some special memories!

Leanne and Abby



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