No Bake Koala Biscuits!

These Koala biscuits are super cute and so easy to make! They are perfect to take along to any Australia Day event! They were quick to make and the kids enjoyed making them with very little assistance.


1 Bag White Marshmallows

1 Bag Chocolate Bullets

1 Packet M&M'S (brown ones)

1 Packet Marie Biscuits

1.5 Cups Sifted Icing Sugar

25g Softened Butter

1 Tablespoon Milk

Few Drops Black Food Dye



1. Place sifted icing sugar, softened butter, milk and food dye into a bowl.

2. Mix all of the icing ingredients until it forms a smooth consistency.

3. Use a butter knife to spread the icing over the biscuits.

4. Decorate the Koala's face by using 2 marshmallows for the ears, 2 brown M&M'S for eyes and 1 chocolate bullet to make the nose.

5. When the icing is set, they are already to eat!


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