The Importance of Music in Early Childhood 

Jon Roberts is the Owner and Founder of the preschool music program Music Box Co. In his own words, the Music Box Co.  "sets out to change the scenery through concentrating on the relevance to children today. What that means is instead of reciting rhymes based on babies falling out of trees and the black plague, my rhymes are about building sand castles in Summer and snow people in Winter, songs about the leaves on the trees in Autumn and animal sounds and actions in Spring. Taking into account what families and loved ones do in their everyday lives has a soundtrack, has an image and has diversity."  

Music at the earliest age stimulates and activates their brains, minds and soul! As a preschool music educator for over 15 years I’ve seen lots “fads”, “phases” and a variety of “parenting techniques” not to mention completely new environments for our children to engage with the world around them. Music for the vast majority of us is everywhere in our daily lives, be it on the radio in the car, at home on TV, smartphones and other devices, in supermarkets and shops and even when the children are asleep….or trying to sleep!

Why is it so important? The patterns, shapes and textures within carefully crafted musical pieces help not only brain development in infants but encourage imagination, listening skills, language skills, mathematics, gross and fine motor skills, sense of individuality and community at the same time, problem solving and much more…all through play and fun! 

And here’s the best bit, we can all do it! Encourage singing at home with your children, make up funny rhymes, songs and stories.  Imagination can play  a huge role as well for example, what instrument could we use to sound like a train, the rain or even a shooting star? What props could we use to make trees and flowers blowing in the breeze? Could my bucket turn into a drum?


The options are endless and the children get to not only actively participate but feel that they have a voice and a role in discovering these themes along the way and in their own unique way.  Let them express themselves without judgement through musicality and movement.

Music Boxes 

Here at My Creative Box we also believe developing a child's musical ability is integral to developing listening skills, fine motor skills, creativity and much more! Our Music Boxes are filled with activities for Little Learners (ages 4 - 6) and Mini Explorers (ages 2 - 4) which encourage self expression through music. To learn more about them, follow the links below. 

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