It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here! We know how hard it can be thinking about gifts for active and creative kids, so we wanted to help you all out. We have collated our favourite Australian businesses together to give you the best ever 'Top Christmas Gifts for Creative Kids'. It's time to get onboard and support small Australian businesses that will also help the special children in your life think outside of the square, and use their imaginations and creativity while helping them develop into confident, strong and capable learners. Not only does creativity help young children build strong foundational skills in learning, it helps them express their emotions, build strength in their motor skills and make connections in the world around them.

At My Creative Box we love bringing creativity into the family home. We love to see children learn through exploring, learning and creating and want to inspire all families to spend quality time connecting with their children through these fun and engaging activities. We have very carefully selected businesses who also share the same vision as us and encourage children to explore, play, learn and create while connecting with the world around them.

1. Tiny Giants Chit Chat Box $29.95


The Chit Chat Box is a fun yet meaningful activity box for children. The charm of this box lies within the curiosity it sparks, the intriguing conversations that flow, the seeds it can sow and the memories it helps make. There’s nothing quite like it. The Chit Chat Box is thoughtfully designed to encourage big thinking, creativity, kindness and strengthening relationships between little people and grown ups. Above all else it’s super fun!

The Chit Chat Box encourages kids to...
 Be kind.
 Share stories.
 Give back.
 Set goals.
 Have bucket loads of fun!

What's inside the box...
 Let’s explore activity book
 Chat, snuggle, sleep book
 Fun to be had cards
 Kindness cards
 Special date cards
 Start-stop-continue board

2. Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons prices start from $15


We absolutely love these easy glide crayons from Lunables and they would make the perfect Christmas gift for your creative artist! Check out their amazing colour in books too! Lunables Magic Waxi Crayons are:

  • Silky smooth, easy glide texture
  • Dip Jumbo crayons in water for paint effect 
  • Twelve vibrant colours
  • Easy twist design
  • No sharpener needed
  • Great for all ages
  • Nontoxic 
  • Water-Soluble
  • Skin safe
  • Jumbo crayons able to draw on mirror, glass and in the bath
  • Recommended by Occupational Therapists for kids with special needs

3. Jilly Jumbles Handbag Sanity Savers prices start from $29


We love these cleverly designed little wallets from Jilly Jumbles. They are perfect to keep children entertained and busy being creative and using their imaginations when out and about! ‘Construction Wallets’ are designed to live in your handbag, ready to be called upon at any time to SAVE YOUR SANITY when out and about with young children!

With a Sanity Saver at hand, there’s no need to dread cafes and restaurants with young kids, and there’s a way to keep the little darlings entertained while travelling! You can also avoid germy waiting rooms toys, and feel relaxed visiting friends homes that aren’t kitted out like a daycare centre! They really can save your sanity just about anywhere you have little hands that need to be busy!!

4. Happy Hands Happy Heart Play Dough prices start from $15


Emma the lovely creator of Happy Hand Happy Heart creates the most delicious smelling play dough you will ever smell! They are great for encouraging creativity and sensory play and are all made with plant based dyes here in Australia.

5. Tinta Crayons prices start from $9


Safe for our children. Tinta Crayons are created by two Melbourne mums who want to produce a safe, natural crayon, without using palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes.

Lots of research and testing has gone into creating the perfect mix of natural waxes to produce natural, sustainable crayons in fun shapes that withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour.

Safe for our environment. Being eco-friendly is hugely important here at Tinta Crayons. We use organic waxes that are farmed sustainably. We support local suppliers and source all of our packaging from within Australia.

Packaged beautifully. Each Tinta Crayon is made from scratch and hand-poured and packed in Melbourne. The beautiful packaging is 100% recyclable and reflects the love that has gone into creating the crayons.

Loads of fun. Tinta Crayons come in many different shapes to encourage imaginative play, drawing and colouring.

6. Sparrow & B Dress Ups prices start from $24.95


These children's costumes are just the most beautiful costumes you will ever see and are all designed and made in Australia. They are perfect for encouraging role play and helping children express their imagination and creativity through play.

7. Life Long Learners prices start from $2


We just love Casey's great range of creative printable learning resources. These are perfect to buy and print off for the play room to inspire some fun role play in young children! Perfect for imaginary and creative play at home! Dramatic Play is a great way to develop oral language skills, cooperation, content vocabulary and social skills! Buy these for home and turn your toy room into a different dramatic play area every week! Casey also has a great range of learning worksheets for preschoolers, they would make the perfect stocking stuffer to keep your preschooler entertained over the Christmas period.

8. The Creative Toy Shop prices start from $12 and 10% off for your first order


If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift idea for someone special, then The Creative Toy Shop is the place to go. They have an amazing range of toys that will spark children's imaginations and creativity through wooden toys, to small world play. They stock some of our favourite brands so be sure to check them out!

9. My Creative Box one-time boxes $35


My Creative Box is an art and craft learning tool designed for toddlers and preschool aged children. Their aim is to bring ART into every home so that children have opportunities to explore, learn and create. Each Creative Box comes packed with six art and craft learning activities plus an added bonus and boxes change every month. A key component of these boxes are the parenting prompts for parents to use with their children to inspire quality interactions and learning while having fun and creating lifelong memories that you and your child will remember forever. They make the perfect gift too and also offer a range of gift cards and prepaid options too.

We hope you love our picks and remember most of these small businesses have Christmas cutoff dates, so don't delay your orders! Get all the special little people in you lives CREATIVE and get your Christmas Gift list sorted now with our Top Christmas Gifts for Creative Kids!

Leanne and Abby



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