Charlie Golding 
Australian Mum and Author

'When the World Went Inside'

2020 has not really gone to plan for many! It's been a whirlwind and it has left many of us not knowing how to feel with so much uncertainty still in the air all over the world. As adults, we have even had days of feeling lost, helpless amongst many other emotions! For children this time has been especially challenging as some still in Melbourne face isolation including time away from the people and things they love and have been use to enjoying their whole life. 

We are so excited to invite Charlie Golding to our blog this evening and share her amazing children's book with us all about Covid-19 and lockdown called 'When the World Went Inside'.  

Charlie is a Melbourne Mum of three and after entering lockdown 1.0 with her family and a fruitless search  looking for a fun family book to answer her children's questions about COVID-19 Charlie ended up accidentally writing her own! 

2020's kids have gone through a lot and we've asked a lot of them. Charlie's book addresses lockdown life and teaches kids to keep themselves safe in a post-lockdown world too. 

'When the World Went Inside' tells the story of one child's life in isolation. Theo is perfectly happy with his life, but one day a virus comes to town and changes everything. Along with the rest of the world. Theo has to lean how to live life rather differently. The book is bright, colourful and full of family fun and ends with a message of unity and reassurance. 

Charlie has her book available online and is available as a hard copy and also an EBOOK for you to access immediately. The website is also full of fun activities, videos and content for parents and children about COVID-19 and lockdown. 

Charlie has also been very kind to our creative community and has given us all an exclusive discount to her book too!

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