Story Dice for Book Week FREE Learning Printable


Story Dice

Get your imaginations and creativity working this Book Week with our Story Dice! 

We have created four paper Story Dice for you to conveniently download, print and make to have hours of fun creating your very own stories with your little ones..

The learning benefits are endless:

- Encourages children to learn new vocabulary and extend on their receptive and expressive language skills

- Encourages creative and imaginative thinking and problem solving

- Helps children learn to take turns and work cooperatively with others

- Gives children have the opportunity to be the 'story teller' building their confidence in expressing their own thoughts and ideas

- Will challenge children's memory and comprehension 


- Take turns to roll the dice

- Every time the dice lands on a picture, you need to add that to the story for example, first you roll a dice and lands on a cat, 'Once upon a time there was a cat' Then the next player rolls and it lands on a raincloud 'The cat was walking and it started to rain, the cat had to look for cover'.

- Keep going until it gets to hard to add anything extra to your story. 

To get your FREE Story Dice for a limited time:

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-print your download

-cut out the templates

-fold down the flaps and folds and construct your dice using glue or tape. We found that using tape worked better than glue and we were able to use our dice as soon as they were ready instead of waiting for them to dry.

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