Beleduc Mini Lotto Animal Game


Learning at home is made fun and easy at My Creative Box and the Beleduc Mini Lotto Animal Game. The Beleduc Mini Lotto Animal Game has a twist on the traditional memory games. With this game, children can learn about animals and their habitats, and develop their visual memory as well. Made to develop children's concentration and visual memory as well as vocabulary as they name the animals on the cards.

First, lay the round animal chips face-down on the table. Then every player takes one habitat card on which the silhouettes of various animals are shown. Take turns to flip over an animal chip - if the animal can be assigned to the player’s own habitat, it is placed on his or her card. If this is not the case, the chip is flipped back over. The first player to collect all animals on his or her card wins the game!

Game set details:

- 4 habitat cards

- 24 game chips

- Suitable for ages 4+ years