Little Learners Garden Creative Box


Get your creative on with our Little Learners Garden Creative Box! 

The Little Learners Garden Creative Box box will get your 4-7 year old Little Learners outdoors getting creative and learning about nature and things in the garden! It will teach them about physics as they test and fly their own kite in the wind! Children will also closely observe the veins and other characteristics of flowers and leaves as they discover the effect the sun has when it shines through their own nature sun catcher.

  • Have fun getting creative with your garden play dough that comes in a cute little drawstring bag so you can reuse it over and over again and even take it out on an adventure! Not to mention magical perfume potions!! We love the imaginary play and magic this activity creates as children use dried rose petals and sequins to measure and transfer their own perfume into a bottle which will make the perfect Valentines Day gift for someone special. 

    All children will receive their own garden scavenger hunt to get them outdoors exploring nature through colours, shapes, texture, smells and sizes. Our Garden Creative Boxes will also come with a pair of great quality kids garden gloves, a watering can and a three piece garden tool set, so you can continue getting hands on in the garden too! 

    Learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) is made easy with our craft activity kits and creative guide prepared for you and your child!

    All of our Creative Boxes come with all the learning and fun you have come to expect of us with almost everything you need to complete all the fun and engaging learning activities in each box. Our awesome creative guide is also included to help inspire you to share quality moments connecting with your child teaching them new skills and learning each step of the way!

    This box contains the following activities:

    - Play Dough Flowers

    - Perfume Potions

    - Rainbow Flowers

    - Kite Decorating

    - Nature Sun Catcher

    - Extension for learning

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